Why Your Retirement Is Uncertain

on October 30, 2018 Comments Off on Why Your Retirement Is Uncertain

The retirement question most of us have to face is, “when should I retire?” And for most of us, that is not an extremely clear answer. There are so many factors to consider: social security, pension, health care costs, just to name a few. Let alone considering the factors like the mental, social, physical and spiritual aspects of your retirement to consider.

From purely a numbers stand point, meaning will the money I have saved be enough to allow me to accomplish my goals, that can be dialed in by determining key strategies and goals in the financial piece of your retirement puzzle. Some important keys to success include:

  • Matching your retirement to your preretirement lifestyle to minimize drop off in living standards.
  • Maximizing your income so that social security is no more than 40%, your max preretirement income value, of your retirement income.
  • Placing retirement savings ahead of other goals, like paying for your children’s college or a vacation home, to make sure you stay on track.
  • Don’t be totally exposed to stock market fluctuations. Having steady income from several sources will help to minimize the impact of market change.

The are just a few of the strategies to consider, but when it comes down to the formula, it takes a partner to help you accomplish your goals. We’re here to help. Independent, customer focuses and driven to serve, we want you to succeed. To find out more, let’s talk.


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Jase TeamWhy Your Retirement Is Uncertain

Do You Know The Risks To Your Portfolio?

on October 16, 2018 Comments Off on Do You Know The Risks To Your Portfolio?

We can spend a lot of time building and diversifying our portfolios, but when’s the last time that you conducted risk assessment to determine it’s long-term viability?

Conducting a portfolio risk assessment can let see your asset allocation as it changes over time due to performance. This is key in preventing you from taking a level of risk that you are uncomfortable with. The reality is that even how you view your portfolio construction can change over time with your risk tolerance, investment goals and timelines.

Our approach to portfolio management is based on 5 pillars of portfolio construction. We construct client portfolios to reduce risk and volatility while working to maximize the probability of success over the long term.  We implement a process of investing that is goal oriented and progress driven. We believe that if you can measure progress, you can manage future outcomes and make positive adjustments over the long term.  If you need help investing your savings in a way that is consistent with your goals, we are here to help by working with you to make the financial markets less confusing and providing a way for you to have access to a well constructed portfolio that provides an increased probability of success.  With our Portfolio Management Services, we serve you as your investment advisor putting your best interests first.  We will help steward your portfolio through the volatile markets over time while educating you about the investment process and financial markets.

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Jase TeamDo You Know The Risks To Your Portfolio?