Placing Our Clients Interests First

on June 5, 2018 Comments Off on Placing Our Clients Interests First

Our clients interests come first.

We established our business as an independent fee only registered investment advisor. Our goal was to remove conflicts of interest that exist by being paid commissions for selling products. As a result we strive to deliver independent guidance and exceptional service for our clients.

Or, more simply put, we’re not looking to sell you something you don’t need. We’re not motivated by commissions on products that meet our goals and not yours. We’re motivated by bringing exceptional service to our clients and by bringing a team effort with extensive experience and an open ear to hear what matters to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Courage Miller can help you, contact our team today. We’d love to talk with you.


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Jase TeamPlacing Our Clients Interests First

The Courage Miller Difference

on September 25, 2017 Comments Off on The Courage Miller Difference

Financial planning, retirement planning, investment advice, whatever the reason that brings you to us, there’s a distinctive reason for why we are different than our competitors. We value your success. It’s why we established our company as an independent fee only company. We eliminated the conflict that arises when commissions are made on certain products or services, so that we can focus on you.

Our business strategy and relationship with you is founded on four major principles: honesty, transparency, dependability, and continuous improvement.

To find out more about what makes us different, contact us today. We’d love to talk with you.


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Jase TeamThe Courage Miller Difference

We are……Wealth Worth It!!!!

on December 8, 2015 2 comments

Well, here it goes…..our very first blog post.  Everyone said that the first one is the hardest….I can assure you they were right.  After a lot of thinking I decided it would be best to introduce myself and provide some background about me, our company and this blog.

I am Jeffrey Miller, an Owner and Investment Advisor Representative, for Courage Miller Partners.  Born and raised in Virginia Beach, I graduated from Norfolk Collegiate School and then attended Virginia Tech where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and my Master of Accountancy.  After working for IBM and Duke University Health System, I finally made the decision to pursue my passion of personal finance and my desire to help others make better financial decisions.

I frequently get the question…..what do you do with your Biochemistry degree?  I do the best thing I can imagine with that knowledge, I brew my own beer!

I now live in Chesapeake, VA with my amazing wife Melani and our three kids, Tyler, Mackenzie and Noah.

In late 2007, my partmiller_logoner Ralph Courage and I began officially working together.  We made a decision to launch an independent company and opened the doors to Courage Miller Partners in August 2008. Well, opening doors is certainly figurative.  We first started the business without finished office space, so our primary “office” was Ralph’s dining room.  Because our office space was taking longer than anticipated to be completed, we moved into temporary office space.  It was very raw and we ended up setting up plastic tables and chairs with cords running everywhere.  Fortunately, the temporary office space was only for 4 weeks.

In October of 2008, we moved into our current location in the World Trade Center in Norfolk, VA.  We recently renewed for 5 additional years.

After tremendous deliberation and research, we decided to walk away from the traditional broker/dealer arrangement in favor of a fully independent company that allows us to focus on what we enjoy most about what we do, help our clients.  As a result, Courage Miller Partners is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor only compensated by our clients for our advice and not for any transactions or investment products through commissions.

Much to the dismay and surprise of our former firm…..we have not failed to thrive.

We are very grateful to all our clients for giving us the opportunity to help them with their financial planning and investment needs.  We have developed tremendous friendships over the years with our clients.  We feel that they are part of our family.

As dedicated professionals, we feel that we are also responsible for educating you about finances.  We want to provide information that is useful for everyone to make better financial decisions, and that is what we hope to accomplish with our blog.  We are going to cover information from retirement plans and budgeting to markets and economic data.  Our goal is to cover topics about finance that will help you make better financial decisions.

Subscribe to our blog so that you stay up to date on trending financial topics, personal finance, and the uncertainty that thrives in financial markets.

We also look forward to hearing your comments and questions.  If there are topics you would like included or questions that you would like answered, please send us an email at or submit them through our question submission area.

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Jeffrey MillerWe are……Wealth Worth It!!!!