Do You Know The Risks To Your Portfolio?

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We can spend a lot of time building and diversifying our portfolios, but when’s the last time that you conducted risk assessment to determine it’s long-term viability?

Conducting a portfolio risk assessment can let see your asset allocation as it changes over time due to performance. This is key in preventing you from taking a level of risk that you are uncomfortable with. The reality is that even how you view your portfolio construction can change over time with your risk tolerance, investment goals and timelines.

Our approach to portfolio management is based on 5 pillars of portfolio construction. We construct client portfolios to reduce risk and volatility while working to maximize the probability of success over the long term.  We implement a process of investing that is goal oriented and progress driven. We believe that if you can measure progress, you can manage future outcomes and make positive adjustments over the long term.  If you need help investing your savings in a way that is consistent with your goals, we are here to help by working with you to make the financial markets less confusing and providing a way for you to have access to a well constructed portfolio that provides an increased probability of success.  With our Portfolio Management Services, we serve you as your investment advisor putting your best interests first.  We will help steward your portfolio through the volatile markets over time while educating you about the investment process and financial markets.

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Jase TeamDo You Know The Risks To Your Portfolio?

Attention, Diligence, And Experience – The Courage Miller Pillars

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When we started our business, we had a goal, to provide our clients the service they need with a singular focus on them, not on any products or external motives. We believe we accomplish that goal like this:

  • Attention – We believe that a partnership requires open communication about the details of your life that makes your story unique.  To truly understand the dreams and goals of our clients, we must be dedicated and focused on listening to your story.
  • Diligence – Our foundation in service is built upon delivery of services based on your needs.  Hard work is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our dedication to service, and we strive everyday to embody the motto of our founders’ alma mater, Virginia Tech, “Ut Prosim” – That I may serve.
  • Experience – We have been honored over the years to serve clients with their diverse financial needs. We work with families and individuals on their personal finances, foundations and trusts on their institutional investments, and small businesses on their retirement plan needs.  We strive to build trusted relationships, so that you are able to focus on things that are more important to you such as your family and career.

So, whether you’re looking for help in a fiduciary role, retirement planning, financial planning, or any other of the services that we provide, our team is here to help you and give you the attention, diligence and experience that you need to help you accomplish your goals.


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Jase TeamAttention, Diligence, And Experience – The Courage Miller Pillars

Optimizing Your Retirement By Maximizing Your Social Security Claims

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When considering their retirement strategy many people focus on their investments, retirement plans and their assets. Social security is one of those components of retirement that can be overlooked, but that could be a mistake.

Social Security is a very important component of retirement income for many retirees.  It can also be confusing.  Does it make sense to begin drawing Social Security as soon as you are eligible?  Should you wait until your Full Retirement Age?  Is it best to wait until 70 to begin claiming Social Security?  Can my spouse begin their social security even if I don’t begin taking mine?

In addition to these questions there could be many more.  The reality is that the right retirement strategy for you is determined on a case-by-case basis. We have worked with many families facing these questions and through a planning process we explore the options available to them and provide guidance on their social security claiming strategy.

If you want to learn more about your retirement strategy and how to maximize your social security, contact our team. We’re here to help!


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Jase TeamOptimizing Your Retirement By Maximizing Your Social Security Claims

When Saving Money Matters In Your Retirement Plan

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To save or to invest? Or do we do both?

There can sometimes be a misconception that by simply investing in the markets, you will be able to accumulate enough savings for retirement.  The unfortunate reality is that the growth that can be achieved from investing is extremely important, but there must be an adequate amount of savings set aside over time for it to work.

The following example can show you exactly how critical the savings process is.  A portfolio that grows at an average rate of 7% over time for 20 years will have approximately 50% of its ending balance due to the savings added over the years and the other 50% due to the investment growth.  The image shows how the growth portion of the portfolio (the green part of each bar) increases over time.  This portfolio assumes an average growth rate of 7% and a recurring addition of $5,000 at the end of each year.  After 20 years, the portfolio value is worth over $200,000.  It is critical to save and begin saving early.

If you have questions about your current retirement plan and how you can best maximize your return, contact us to day to schedule a meeting.


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Jase TeamWhen Saving Money Matters In Your Retirement Plan

Why Target Date Funds Are Not The Answer

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One of the questions that we are frequently asked is whether or not target date funds are a sound investment strategy. To us, target date funds provide a sense of comfort when it’s not universally understood how they work. To understand if they are the right strategy for you we must first know how they work.

Each target date fund has a glide path associated with how the portfolio changes over time from being more aggressive to being more conservative. It is also important to know that each mutual fund company has their own methodology for their glide path. As a result, you must research the fund companies to understand what their glide path is to determine if you are comfortable with the timing of their investment changes. While they all have similar names, there is no standardization for the portfolios.

A problem that we recognize is that a younger investor purchasing a target date fund may be significantly more aggressive in their portfolio than they realize. When the stock market volatility increases, they may sell the position and lose confidence in the long term investment process. By using a risk based approach, the investment process allows the investor to set a level of volatility in their portfolio they feel is most appropriate. Additionally, for many investors reaching retirement, the allocation of the portfolio may be too conservative given the needs for retirement.

To us, utilizing a risk and needs based planning approach, a balance between the necessary level of risk and potential reward to create better retirement outcomes is important. To learn more about your investing and how we can help you with your strategy, contact our team today!


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Jase TeamWhy Target Date Funds Are Not The Answer