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At Courage Miller Partners we believe that so many successful outcomes start with the foundation of a plan. A plan that is established to work toward a goal will provide an excellent guide to the steps that can be taken along the way to achieve it.

We provide financial planning services as a stand alone service and as a service to our portfolio management clients. The financial plan once established gives a frame of reference to track progress over time for achievement of your financial goals.

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The financial planning process consists of the following steps to create a meaningful plan for your future:

  • Intial Meeting

    We will have an initial meeting either at our office or virtually.  During this initial meeting, we will begin the planning process by getting to know more about you and what you hope to accomplish.  We will also begin to explore your current situation with regards to family, finances and work.

  • Data Gathering

    We will provide a list of documents to gather and questions to review, which will be provided to us to help in the creation of your financial plan.

  • Plan Creation

    We will work to put together your financial plan that provides you with the highest probability of success to achieve the goals discussed.

  • Investment Allocation

    One outcome of your financial plan will be an investment analysis.  We will review your current portfolio and with the help of the financial plan determine if your current investment strategy gives you the best opportunity to reach your financial goals.  If there is a need to change your investment strategy, we will discuss the changes needed to increase the probability of achieving your goals.

  • Periodic Updates

    Your financial plan is established to give you a guide for making better decisions as you work toward your goals.  One of the most important steps is updating your plan every 3 to 4 years to make sure you are still on track with your initial expectations and time frames.

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