Financial Organization and Consulting Services

Our FOCuS Program is an extremely useful online resource designed for helping individuals and families.  Our goal for building the FOCuS Program is to help you make better, more informed decisions and increase successful outcomes by providing the tools and resources needed to understand:

  1. How you are investing your savings
  2. The fees you are paying
  3. Financial topics that are important to making more informed decisions
  4. How you can get on a strong path to achieve the financial future you desire
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You are ultimately responsible for taking control of your finances and your future.  We believe that everyone needs a little help and guidance along the way without being sold something.

Do you ever….

  • Feel overwhelmed by trying to track all your investments
  • Feel uncertain about whether you are on the right path in your finances
  • Feel that you would like to understand more about investing
  • Feel that you would like clear information and guidance with regards to your finances
  • Have questions about your personal finances, but you believe there is no where you can go to receive only guidance

So, why did we launch our FOCuS Program?

We opened our doors because we viewed things differently.  We believe that portfolios should include a sensible allocation in investments that are easily understood.  No smoke, no mirrors.  At Courage Miller Partners, we believe that getting organized, receiving good financial guidance where there is not an incentive from commissions to sell a product, investing in low cost indexes in a sensible allocation, and following a straight forward plan for budgeting and saving will give you the best probability of success in your financial future.

What if there was a service that delivered on these foundations of success? That is exactly what the FOCuS Program delivers. As a client of our Financial Organization and Consulting Services you can access all of the following:

  • Investment Allocation Reporting

    You will have access to your portfolio allocation of all your accounts consolidated into one website. Your portfolio balance from each custodian is updated on a daily basis for you to be able to get organized on your path to retirement.

  • Performance Reporting

    Each quarter you will receive an up-to-date performance report. It will compare your total portfolio to an appropriate benchmark. We believe that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Your performance report will allow you to monitor the progress over time to make sure you are moving in the right direction for retirement.

  • Transparency of Fees

    Your portfolio analysis will give you full transparency of fees. This will allow you to know exactly what you are paying in fees for your investments.

  • Professional Guidance*

    You will have a financial professional to help you with reviewing your portfolio and providing analysis and information regarding your portfolio.

  • Financial Planning**

    You can work with a financial professional to establish a financial plan for your future. You will be able to have it updated with portfolio balances periodically to review progress toward your future financial goals. Your financial plan is customized to what you desire your future to be. Periodic review of your plan will help make sure you are on track for your financial future.

*Professional Guidance is available with the Premier and Elite Service Plan
**Financial Planning – is available with the Elite Service Plan

What happens when you join?

We will personally work with you to get your accounts set up to consolidate and track your portfolios through the FOCuS Program.  The web service is a Morningstar service which allows you to have your investment data analyzed and investment performance measured. After getting your accounts set up, you will begin to receive reporting and analysis.

In the first 60 days, you will receive an analysis of your investments which will allow you to clearly see your allocation and your investment fees as well as many other data points.  In the first 90 days, you will receive your first quarterly report.  This will provide the first view of a story of your investments over time.  Is the growth in your portfolio adequate for reaching retirement?  For most investors, a 6% – 7% rate of return with regular contributions is needed.  The quarterly report over time will give you performance information based on all investments included in the system.

We believe that you must be able to measure it in order to effectively manage it.  How can you make better decisions if you cannot clearly know how you are invested and performing.

Get started by putting your financial future in FOCuS!
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