Portfolio Management Services

Our approach to portfolio management is based on 5 pillars of portfolio construction. We construct client portfolios to reduce risk and volatility while working to maximize the probability of success over the long term.  We implement a process of investing that is goal oriented and progress driven. We believe that if you can measure progress, you can manage future outcomes and make positive adjustments over the long term.  If you need help investing your savings in a way that is consistent with your goals, we are here to help by working with you to make the financial markets less confusing and providing a way for you to have access to a well constructed portfolio that provides an increased probability of success.  With our Portfolio Management Services, we serve you as your investment advisor putting your best interests first.  We will help steward your portfolio through the volatile markets over time while educating you about the investment process and financial markets. .

At the core, we work with strong service organizations to complement our commitment to exceptional service. We have chosen Schwab Institutional, Fidelity Institutional, American Funds for 529 plans, Morningstar and others to support us in helping our clients.

With a dedicated team of financial professionals, we are here to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Our Portfolio Management Services include the following:

  • Client Web Portal powered by Morningstar

    Our Client Web Portal helps you stay current with your portfolio. It is updated with the previous days transactions and provides a daily view of your portfolio details including your total allocation and balance as well as details for each of your accounts. The Client Web Portal is powered by Morningstar’s analytics and also provides an encrypted document vault where we upload your Quarterly Performance Reports. It also empowers you to safely upload using an encrypted interface any documents you would like to share with us.

  • Quarterly Portfolio Performance Reports

    How do you know if you are on track if you can’t efficiently measure progress? For that reason, every quarter you will receive a performance report providing a running story of your portfolio. Details include a current allocation and performance over various time frames with a benchmark for comparison. We will also periodically provide analytical reports for a deeper perspective of how your portfolio is diversified and allocated.

  • Risk Assessment

    We provide a detailed risk assessment of your personal portfolio. It allows us to estimate the potential volatility of your portfolio given possible economic outcomes.

  • Personal Portfolio Review Meetings

    Communication is vital. We will meet periodically with you to ensure that all is on track. It is important that we stay updated on any changes in your financial situation to better manage your portfolio. We can meet together in person or virtually using conferencing software, which helps us be able to serve all our clients across the United States.

Get started with your free portfolio analysis today!

Your free portfolio analysis, will show you:

  • How your portfolio is allocated
  • How much risk is in your portfolio
  • What fees your are paying in your portfolio

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