Retirement Plan Consulting Services

Retirement Plans for businesses continue to gain focus in the United States as fewer pension plans exist. Retirement Plans have become the largest saving avenue for Americans. The increased savings and focus have made offering a retirement plan as a business owner extremely important. Not only for recruiting and retention of quality professionals, but also for the personally favorable tax benefits to you. So, whether you already have a retirement plan or you are exploring the idea of starting a plan for your growing business, we can help you ensure you have a cost effective retirement plan for both you and your employees with features and benefits that increase the probability of a successful retirement.

Our team of professionals bring over 3 decades of combined experience serving retirement plans.  We have worked with businesses from initiation of retirement plans to helping businesses evaluate and improve their retirement plans including cost reduction and improved features that increase participant experience.  As a fee only advisor, we provide full transparency and education about all aspects of retirement plans.   Whether it is a 401k, SIMPLE IRA, or SEP-IRA, our driving goal is to provide you the best retirement plan for you and your business.

Starting a retirement plan

If you are looking to start a retirement plan for your business, we can help you explore the options available.  For a first retirement plan, a 401k plan may not be necessary.  There are there other lower cost options available depending on the goals you have for the retirement plan.

Let us help you find the best plan option for your business.

Serving a current plan

If you have an existing 401k plan in place, learn about how we can:

  • Help with oversight of investments
  • Become a co-fiduciary with the plan sponsor with regards to fund selection
  • Help with education for the plan fiduciaries
  • Analyze current costs and provide a live bid analysis to determine if you are paying too much in fees

So, you are thinking about starting a retirement plan. Here is an overview of the most popular types of retirement plans. We look forward to helping you determine which one is the best fit for your company.


Simplified Employee Pensions

  • Fairly simple to create and service
  • Excellent plan option for small family businesses and self-employed individuals
  • No annual filing requirement for the employer with the IRS
  • Contributions come from the employer only
  • Maximum of 25% of income up to the IRS contribution limit within any given year
  • Employer contributions are made at their discretion and are not required every year
  • Withdrawals are permitted at anytime at ordinary income tax rates, but it may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty
  • No loans are permitted from SEP-IRAs
  • Contributions are immediately 100% vested


Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees

  • Minimal administrative paperwork
  • Good fit for employers with less than 100 employees who do not have a current retirement plan
  • No annual filing requirement for the employer with the IRS
  • Employee and employer contributions are made
  • Employees can defer income for SIMPLE IRA contributions up to annual IRS contribution limit
  • Employer matching contributions are required each year with some flexibility
  • Withdrawals are permitted at anytime at ordinary income tax rates, but it may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty
  • Contributions are immediately 100% vested

401k and Profit Sharing Plan

  • Provides the largest possible employee contrbution of any plan
  • Any business with employees or owners interested in saving the maximum amount possible
  • Employers can make tax deductible discretionary contributions for the benefit of the employees
  • IRS requires an annual filing for the plan
  • Employer contributions may be required under certain plan guidelines
  • Employee’s discretion on the amount to contribute
  • IRS requirements for inclusion of employees in the plan
  • Withdrawals permitted under certain circumstances, but may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty
  • Loans are permitted up to the lesser of 50% of your balance or $50,000
  • Employee Contributions are immediately 100% vested
  • Employer discretionary contributions can vest over as long as 6 years

It all starts with a discussion!

If you are ready to start saving for your retirement and reduce your taxes, contact us for a discussion to learn how.

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